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Rennes: It Snowed in Some Streets of the City!

It was very cold that night, as low as – 5 degrees. In Rennes, it even snowed in some streets of the city!

Surprise in some streets of Rennes this morning. Residents discovered it had snowed during this very cold night.

As Camille, who lives in the neighborhood of La Courouze: “When I opened my shutters I could not believe it. The soil and cars were covered with snow”.


“A real ice rink”

“The cars slid and slowed to 20 km/h. The road was a real ice rink, “ says her friend Valentine.

For now, firefighters reported no accidents related to slippery roads.

Snow was also reported south of Rennes, for example Janzé:

Snow, south of Reenes at Janzé
Snow blanketed the streets of Janzé. | Photo: Philippe Renault

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