Weather: It does not Snow but Thick Frost in Maine-et-Loire

Local News
The Maine-et-Loire covered in frost and freezing fog

It’s all white on certain areas of Maine-et-Loire, like the heights of Angers. But it is not snow, it is ice. Beware of slippery roads.

Some rainfall hit the Maine-et-Loire on Friday 30th December, early in the morning. With the first white coat of winter. However, it is not snow but ice.

Mist particles

“The mist particles freeze and settle on the ground and cars,” says Jean-François Laclavetine technician at Météo France, the Beaucouzé station.

No serious accidents

With the frost that has settled from last night, more fog this morning, roads may be particularly slippery. However, firefighters reported no serious accidents or vehicles leaving the road, at least in Maine-et-Loire, unlike the Deux-Sèvres and Touraine.

The same thing should happen again the next night. Caution !

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