No, the Ministry of Health does not Mandate 11 Vaccines

The Ministry of Health does not mandate 11 vaccines

Vaccines: A video providing false information about vaccination has been viewed more than 475,000 times on Facebook …

“The Ministry of Health wants to impose 11 vaccines,” reports an alarming video posted on the Facebook page “NOT info” . This video, viewed more than 475,000 times since it went online on December 19, said the Ministry of Health decided on 30 November eleven mandating vaccines for young children.

This is in fact a hoax, as explained by the decoders . A report on the vaccination of citizen consultation Steering Committee on Immunization has been published on 30 November. It proposes the temporary widening of the compulsory vaccination of children from three to eleven diseases. It’s not really the same as eleven vaccines because some vaccines may target multiple diseases.

The video also shows the decision as black cohosh, presenting it as “the end of year wishes of the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine.” This is, however, that a proposal for an independent committee composed of sixteen people, the ministry has just said it would be evaluated “legally and financially.”

Currently, the mandatory vaccines are diphtheria, polio and tetanus, plus eight other diseases for which the vaccine is “recommended”. The proposal therefore aims to bring together these two vaccination lists into one mandatory. In return, the committee proposes to create an “escape clause” that would allow parents, after signing a document, refuse to vaccinate their children, which is not possible today. But that video “NOT info” is careful not to mention it.

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