Christian Quesada, the Great Champion of ’12 coups de midi’ Finally Beaten

Christian Quesada, the grand champion finally beaten

The greatest champion in the history of game shows in France, Christian Quesada, lost during the 12 coups de Noël TV special aired this Saturday, December 24th. He will however return to the daily program.

On the occasion of Christmas Eve, TF1 proposed on Saturday night a special bonus of 12 coups de midi (12 strokes of noon) , then renamed 12 coups de Noël (12 strokes of Christmas).  For this occasion many personalities such as Fauve Hautot, Sandrine Quétier, Michel Jary Boujenah were invited to play in tandem with champions of the programme in favour of the Association of Restos du Cœur.

In tandem with Sandrine Quétier, Christian Quesada the greatest champion in the history of game shows in France with 173 participations to his credit, quickly found himself in trouble in the game.

It was finally Hakim, a former champion of the game and his 59 entries, which is the first to have managed to bring down the “teacher”, as many call him.  Even before the start of the game, Christian knew he would be dealing with a serious competitor: “Hakim is one of the players I most fear in this competition because he has substance.  He has culture but also speed, ” he told RTL on Sunday.

Good player, the candidate congratulated his opponent and is not disappointed either. “Honestly, I have no regrets. I think even with 13 seconds ahead, I would not have won “, he said.

However, do not worry for Christian, since it will still be back on Monday from midday, since during this special primetime Christmas he was not playing for his place in the daily program.

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