Vendée Globe: The Positions and Standings on Saturday at 9 am

Vendee Globe
Latest updates on the positions in the Vendée Globe

Armel Le Cléac’h still dominates the Vendée Globe on Saturday 24th December. The skipper of Banque Populaire is 704 miles ahead of Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) at 9 am.

If Christmas has never been so close to the route of the Vendée Globe, there has decided not to make gift this year. Armel Le Cléac’h continues to dominate outrageously in this race. This Saturday, 24th December, the skipper of Banque Populaire displays a comfortable lead of 704 miles over the Welshman Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss).  The Breton began his climb up the Atlantic and gently advance this morning at an average of seven knots.  Alex Thomson is trying to claw back the difference, travelling much faster at 18 knots average at the moment.

Behind the leading duo, always include Beyou. The skipper of Master Chef line at over 19 knots average this morning and sails 1461 miles from Le Cléac’h. he has more than two days in advance of Jean-Pierre Dick, with his fourth place St Michel-Virbac.

In fiifth and sixth places, one always finds the Elies Cam-The duo stands at 74 miles. In the pack, good news for Arnaud Boissières and Fabrice Amedeo who will enter the Pacific shortly ocean synonymous midterm. The skippers are enjoying the holidays approach as Eric Bellion, happy to be there.

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