The association France Assos Health challenges the public authorities and implicates manufacturers on drug shortages. (© AdobeStock / Illustration)

Drugs: One in Four French People has Already Faced a Shortage

According to a study unveiled by France Assos Santé, 25% of French people have already been refused the delivery of drugs or a vaccine, with sometimes serious consequences. It is a ”  potential threat to public health, ” denounces France Assos Santé . The body representing users of the health system reveals Thursday, January 17 that one in four French […]

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The National Assembly have voted to increase to 11 vaccines from 1st January

Here are the 11 Compulsory Vaccines Voted by the National Assembly

Increase from three to eleven the number of compulsory vaccines for children born from 1st January, 2018: the National Assembly voted this measure for “public health”. Increase from three to eleven the number of compulsory vaccines for children born from the 1st January, 2018  : the National Assembly voted Friday this measure for “public health”, according to the government, […]

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There will be 11 mandatory vaccines from 1st January 2018

The 11 Mandatory Vaccines for Children from 1st January 2018

VACCINES: On “CNews” Agnès Buzyn said the eleven vaccines will be mandatory from 1 January 2018 … This is information that may alarm many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.She had promised implementation in 2018, the Health Minister Agnès Buzyn specifies that the entry into force of the eleven mandatory childhood vaccines will be […]

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Agnès Buzyn in Paris on 5 July 2017, at a press conference on vaccination and vaccines in France

Vaccines: Agnès Buzyn Regrets the “Mistrust Rooted in the Population”

In the debate on compulsory vaccination, the health minister called for “trust” in vaccines. The Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn on Saturday called to have “confidence in vaccines”, lambasting hostile parents to this type of medication for their children in full controversy over the vaccination. “The vaccines, it works, it works, it saved hundreds of millions of […]

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Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health is considering 11 mandatory vaccines for children

The Minister of Health is Considering 11 Mandatory Childhood Vaccines

REFORM: Today the vaccination requirement applies only to three vaccines for children … Immunization visits are rarely much fun for children. And now it will not be three but eleven vaccines they should have. In any case this is the will of the new health minister, Agnès Buzyn . She is said to be thinking “to make it mandatory for […]

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The 12 European commandments to reduce his risk of cancer

The 12 European Commandments to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

It is less known that the Erasmus program, through which students circulate throughout Europe. But he saved thousands of lives and deserves at least as much attention in the year 2017 where we celebrate, like Erasmus, his 30 th birthday. This is the “Europe against cancer”. An ambitious initiative that continues today his work of […]

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The vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP), the only ones to be mandatory in France, must be available without combination with other vaccines.

The Three Mandatory Vaccines Should be Available Individually

The vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP), the only ones to be mandatory in France, must be available without combination with other vaccines, said Wednesday the State Council. This request had collected more than a million signatories to a petition. The Council of State, the highest administrative court in France,  “ordered the Minister of […]

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The Ministry of Health does not mandate 11 vaccines

No, the Ministry of Health does not Mandate 11 Vaccines

Vaccines: A video providing false information about vaccination has been viewed more than 475,000 times on Facebook … “The Ministry of Health wants to impose 11 vaccines,” reports an alarming video posted on the Facebook page “NOT info” . This video, viewed more than 475,000 times since it went online on December 19, said the Ministry […]

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In a new survey published, 69 percent of French have no confidence in Vaccines

Vaccines: Only 69% of French have Confidence

Vaccines are the subject of a record skepticism on the part of the French, whose distrust also increases for most classes of drugs, and to health professionals, according to an annual study released Monday. The recent health scandals have made the French wary of vaccines . Only 69% of respondents trust them (-2 points compared […]

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The french are being asked for their opinion on vaccination proposals in France

Vaccination: A website to allow the French to speak

The French will be able to speak about vaccination and to make proposals to change vaccine policy in France on a platform accessible online until October 13, as part of the “citizen dialogue” organized on the subject by the government . “The citizen consultation has better aim to understand the concerns, fears and criticisms remain […]

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