PSG: Meunier plays tonight but he has time to troll American voters after the victory of Trump

Thomas Meunier, the right back at PSG has struck again on the Social Networks

FOOTBALL: The right back of Paris Saint-Germain has struck again on social networks …

And if Thomas Meunier had a bigger volume set on the internets that on the football field? The right-back of Paris Saint-Germain was again illustrated on Twitter reacting to the victory of Donald Trump, elected president of the United States Wednesday to the detriment of Hilary Clinton.

The Belgian was initially shown tough on Americans who “come crying on Facebook and Twitter. It’s easier to write from his chair as to move the polls I suppose, “he began.

He then used irony to tickle US citizens. For Thomas Meunier has obviously enjoyed the little abstentionniste trend of the decisive vote.
It was noted that this series of tweets occurred several hours before a friendly match. It’s official, the man is really on top of everything. And that’s why we love him.

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