Vay: A House Catches Fire, the Roof is Destroyed

Local News
This Wednesday, November 9, a house was kindled in Vay. The resident was not injured but was relocated by the city.

This Wednesday, November 9, a house caught fire in Vay. The roof was completely destroyed, the owner has been relocated.

This Wednesday, 9th November, shortly before 2.30pm, while he takes a nap, a 64 year old man is awakened by his dog and alerted by a neighbor.  His home, located in Vay, at a place called the Clardière is on fire. The fire spread from the chimney. The man managed to get out of his house before the arrival of fire service. He is not injured but 60m of the roof of the house was damaged.

The owner has been relocated in alternative housing by the local council.


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