President Donald Trump

United States: Donald Trump Signs Decree to Limit Protection for Twitter and Facebook

SOCIAL NETWORKS: The President, Donald Trump, very active on Twitter, is furious since the report of two of his messages stamped “misleading” Ulcerated by Twitter’s attitude towards him, Donald Trump signed a decree this Thursday aimed at limiting the protection of social networks and the latitude they enjoy in moderating their content. “We are here to defend freedom of expression […]

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Twitter blocks messages on conspiracy theories linking the pandemic to 5G

Coronavirus: Twitter Blocks Messages on Conspiracy Theories Linking the Pandemic to 5G

GRAND CONSPIRACY: Twitter algorithms have spotted more than 3.4 million accounts “attempting to bias discussions about the Covid-19” Twitter will delete messages encouraging “harmful activities”, in particular calls to destroy 5G masts after conspiracy theories linking this new technology to the spread of the new coronavirus. “We have broadened our guidelines on unverified allegations that encourage people to engage in […]

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He tears the head of a cockerel alive with his teeth

He Tears the Head Off a Live Cockerel with his Teeth, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation will Lodge a Complaint

CRUELTY: The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which posted these images on Friday across social networks, announced its intention to file a complaint about an “act of cruelty” The video has already been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Twitter. Shocking images of a man tearing the head of a cockerel alive with his teeth have sparked a wave of […]

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Christophe Castaner wants explanations on the controversial evacuation in Paris of an environmental demonstration during which activists were sprayed with tear gas

Green Activists Gassed: Christophe Castaner wants Explanations

Christophe Castaner wants explanations on the controversial evacuation in Paris of an environmental demonstration during which activists were sprayed with tear gas Christophe Castaner asked a report to the Paris police chief on the “modalities” of the controversial evacuation in Paris of an environmental demonstration during which activists were sprayed with tear gas (Twitter screenshot), said yesterday the […]

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Tinder agrees to share personal data with Russian authorities

Tinder Agrees to Share the Personal Data of its Users with the Russian Authorities

The dating app, Tinder will provide personal data information on users at the request of the authorities and will have to store its data on Russian territory This is the end of the personal data of Tinder users in Russia. Roskomnadzor, the Russian agency that oversees communications, technology and media, wants the app to share information […]

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British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels, 19 October 2017

“Lonely Theresa May”, the Symbol of Brexit in a Photo Amuses Viewers

INTERNET: The photograph of Theresa May, taken in Brussels, is the joy of the web … She’s all alone, sitting at the table, staring at four flower pots. Obviously, it was enough for it to cliché, Theresa May becoming a meme, as a symbol of discussions on Brexit in Brussels . The conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph has done in the […]

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Thomas Meunier, the right back at PSG has struck again on the Social Networks

PSG: Meunier plays tonight but he has time to troll American voters after the victory of Trump

FOOTBALL: The right back of Paris Saint-Germain has struck again on social networks … And if Thomas Meunier had a bigger volume set on the internets that on the football field? The right-back of Paris Saint-Germain was again illustrated on Twitter reacting to the victory of Donald Trump, elected president of the United States Wednesday to the […]

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British Girl Band, Little Mix have announced details of a concert in Paris in June

British Girl Band Little Mix will Perform in France in June

This late Monday afternoon, the hashtag #LittleMixInFrance was most commented on Twitter … #LittleMixInFrance Appeared Monday, late afternoon, the head of the most discussed topics on Twitter.  A performance due to the enthusiasm of the fans, saying that they have learned that the British Girl Band, Little Mix would give its first French concert on the […]

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Out pouring of grief and despair on Social Networks

Attacks in Paris: Social Networks bereaved by Death Announcements

Internet users express their sorrow and solidarity on Twitter as the identity of victims of the attacks is revealed … After nearly 24 hours of endless waiting, the names and faces of 129 victims of the attacks occurred Friday night in Paris gradually invade social networks. Décès du propriétaire du Resto Chez Livio #rechercheParis #ParisAttacks […]

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Philae, the dog of President Hollande will have an Instagram Account

The Elysee Launches Instagram Account for the Dog Philae

After her Twitter account, the black labrador Philae will now be able to share photos and videos on Instagram … It has been decided that Philae, the dog of François Hollande, will be even more connected.  After her Twitter account, the black labrador bitch … will have an Instagram account. It was during the redesign […]

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