To improve road safety, police are deploy drones

Road safety: Drones Will Monitor Your Speed from the Air

In order to monitor dangerous behaviour on the roads, drones have made a smashing entry into the arsenal of law enforcement. A device dedicated to generally used throughout France You are in the habit of being wary of fixed speed cameras or unmarked cars parked on the side of the roads and junctions, now you have to … watch […]

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The Bolid-E concept integrates digital tablets with integrated cameras instead of mirrors. The machine is also connected to the driver's wrist via a smart watch.

Comfort and Safety: The Booming Connected Motorcycle

The latest trends in Motocycles are electric and connectivity. The world of connected motorcycle is indeed the challenge of multiple innovations. Without a doubt, the top news of the connected motorcycle segment is embodied by the Bolid-E concept , the fruit of a bold partnership between the Italian manufacturer Energica Motor and the manufacturer Samsung , the South Korean giant of electronics . The prototype […]

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The gendarmerie invites bikers for a day around road safety, in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Road safety: The Gendarmerie Invites Bikers for a Day of Prevention, in Le Havre

Code, workshops, piloting: the Gendarmerie of the Seine-Maritime organizes a day of prevention for motorcyclists, in Le Havre, Saturday 26th May, 2018. Registrations are open. You drive a motorcycle + 125cc? That’s good, the Gendarmerie of Seine-Maritime invites motorcyclists to an educational day around road safety , in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) , Saturday 26th May, 2018. Theoretical and practical workshops “Driving a motorcycle safely” […]

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"From 1 July 2017 all vehicle driver intercepted with improper plate unreadable or removable be liable to a 4th class fine (€ 135)," the ministry said.

Motorcycles, Scooters: Must Change Number Plate before Saturday

On Saturday 1st July, the two and three motorized wheels must be fitted with a uniform size number plate, 21 by 13 centimeters. This standardization of plates should simplify control of the security forces and radar. In the absence of statutory plate, the offender liable to a fine of 135 € … From Saturday 1st July, all […]

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There were 3,477 people killed on the roads in 2016, 16 more than in 2015, according to the final report published Monday by the Road Safety

Road Deaths: 16 More Deaths in 2016 than in 2015, an Increase of 0.5%

There were 3,477 people killed on the roads in 2016, 16 more than in 2015, according to the final report published on Monday by Road Safety, which nevertheless evokes a “near stabilization”, last year having counted two days more than the previous. Mortality increased 0.5% over 2015, making 2016 the third consecutive year of increase […]

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Adrien Protat disputed the championship of France Supersport Pirelli Trophy.

Motorbike: Adrien Protat dies on the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans

After the tragic death of Anthony Delhalle on the Nogaro circuit on March 9th, the motorcycle world is again in mourning following the fatal accident this afternoon at Le Mans Adrien Protat (27 years) a rider evolved in the Supersport championship. In the first round of the 2 nd race of the Pirelli Trophy France Supersport […]

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FFMC event in Nantes, bikers protest against fines for motorcycles parked outside placeholders.

Nantes: € 35 Fine for Improperly Parked Bikes, Bikers Protest

This morning, at the call of the French federation motorized two-wheelers (FFMC), bikers protest outside of Nantes town hall. They are protesting against the fines recieved by motorcycles that are not parked in the allocated spots appointed by the City. The fine is 35 €. “We have evidence (a dozen), showing, photo support, as PV were inflicted when parking was […]

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A display of vintage motorbikes on Sunday in Nantes

Nantes: Vintage Motorbikes Exhibition is Sunday

Les Vieux guidons nantais organize on Sunday 2nd October at Nantes, their exhibition of vintage motorbikes … Each member of the organisation, exposes one of their restored motorcycles. The exchange scholarship specifically is for two-wheelers dating from before 1975. Bike fans can come to their market of 8,000 m2 to see the displays of all the motorbikes in […]

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Wearing Gloves is Mandatory for Bikers from 20 November 1

Wearing Gloves is Mandatory for Bikers from 20 November

Wearing gloves are already part of the mandatory equipment necessary to pass the motorcycle driving licence since January 2013 … Road Safety announced on Tuesday in a statement: gloves will become mandatory for riders and passengers of motorcycles and scooters, from the 20th November. In France, 12% of riders of motorbikes and scooters, ride without suitable gloves, […]

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Bikers parade through the village of Saint Michel de la Roe, in the Mayenne

Video: Bikers Parade through the Village

The bikers reached our village just before lunch … The group of the ‘bikers with heart’, that left Laval earlier this morning, reached our village just before midday.  They took a short break for refreshments before continuing their journey around many other towns and villages before ending back in Laval late this afternoon. The ‘Bikers […]

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