Lufthansa: Strike Continues Thursday with more than 900 Flights Cancelled

Lufthansa strike continues with 900 flights cancelled

AIR TRANSPORT The traffic of Lufthansa German Airlines is disrupted on Wednesday because of a strike by its pilots, which will continue on Thursday …

Big disruption ahead Wednesday and Thursday on flights of Lufthansa. Of the approximately 3,000 routes operated by the Lufthansa Group, 876 flights were canceled Wednesday, including 51 international flights, blocking about 100,000 passengers, had warned on Tuesday the group, which tried in vain to prevent the justice that movement strike until the last minute.

Strike for higher wages

Highlighting the lack of wage increases over five years to claim a retroactive reassessment of the Cockpit pilots union said Tuesday that in addition, he called that the strike is prolonged throughout the day Thursday the long and short haul flights from Germany. A threat implemented.

“Due to the extension of the strike, about 115,000 passengers will be affected tomorrow by the cancellation of 912 flights, including 82 long-haul flights,” said Wednesday the German company said in a statement, calling again to accept Cockpit arbitration to end a pay dispute that started in 2014.

This is the fourth strike of Lufthansa pilots since 2014.

The other companies of the Lufthansa Group, namely Eurowings, Germanwings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Air Dolomiti they are not affected by this strike. Eurowings had to cancel around 60 flights Tuesday because of a separate strike by its cabin crew.

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