Nearly 1,300 flights canceled Thursday and Friday due to Lufthansa strike

Germany: Nearly 1,300 Flights Cancelled Thursday and Friday due to Lufthansa Strike

SOCIAL CRISIS: The strike at Lufthansa will concern “all flights” from German airports, whether domestic or international Due to a strike by the UFO cabin crew syndicate, 1,300 flights by German airline Lufthansa will be cancelled on Thursday and Friday, the group said in a statement on Wednesday. About 2,300 will be made this Thursday, of the planned 3,000 […]

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As the pilot strike continue at Lutfhansa, 900 flights have been cancelled

Lufthansa: Still Nearly 900 flights Canceled Due to Pilot Strike

AIRLINE: management and pilots fail to agree on a wage increase … The social movement continues within the German airline. Nearly 900 flights Lufthansa are still cancelled on Wednesday because of a strike of its pilots which started a week ago. Some 890 flights precisely, including long-haul, do not take off on Wednesday affecting about 98,000 […]

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Lufthansa strike continues with 900 flights cancelled

Lufthansa: Strike Continues Thursday with more than 900 Flights Cancelled

AIR TRANSPORT The traffic of Lufthansa German Airlines is disrupted on Wednesday because of a strike by its pilots, which will continue on Thursday … Big disruption ahead Wednesday and Thursday on flights of Lufthansa. Of the approximately 3,000 routes operated by the Lufthansa Group, 876 flights were canceled Wednesday, including 51 international flights, blocking […]

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Lufthansa is to start flights from Nantes Atlantique Airport to Munich

Nantes: Lufthansa Arrives and Opens a line to Munich

TRANSPORT: The German airline, Lufthansa opens for the first time a connection to the Nantes Atlantique Airport … The German airline Lufthansa announced on Wednesday, that it will be setting up flights from the Nantes Atlantique Airport in the Pays de la Loire.  Voted the First European airline in passengers carried and co-founder of Star Alliance, […]

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