Pensions, Taxes, RIC … Here are the Measures Announced by Emmanuel Macron

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Emmanuel Macron spoke to the press and the French

This Thursday 25th April, 2019, the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron spoke to the press and the French in response to the crisis of yellow vests. We take stock of his announcements.

A new breath for the five-year period. This Thursday 25th April, 2019, Emmanuel Macron unveiled a series of measures in response to the great debate and the crisis of yellow vests, which affects the country for more than five months.

Before more than 300 French and foreign journalists gathered in the hall of the Elysée, the Head of State has specified the conditions of tax cuts for the middle classes, reindexing pensions below 2000 euros or the promise not to close schools or hospitals until the end of the five-year period.

here are the  main announcements.

On the representation

  • Fewer parliamentarians, limited mandates

“We need to change  our democracy, our administration much more deeply. With regard to representation, the President wants to impose a  significant proportion of proportional representation ( 20% for the National Assembly),  limit the number of terms of office of elected officials and reduce the number of parliamentarians (from 25 to 30% less ).

  • White vote and ICR excluded

The President has ruled out the introduction of a compulsory vote. Another demand for yellow vests, he also dismissed the recognition of the white vote. “Citizens must take options and choose. The white vote is the refusal, “defended the president

The citizens’ initiative referendum (RIC), which “challenges representative democracy”, will not be implemented as is. Emmanuel Macron was more open to the shared initiative referendum, as was the petition right at the local level.

He proposed to reduce to one million the number of signatures needed to seize Parliament.

On access to public services

  • No closures of hospitals and schools

Emmanuel Macron wants to increase access to public services within 30 minutes of all citizens. He thus promised that there would be no new closing of hospitals and schools, “without the approval of the mayor”, by the end of the five-year period.

  • More officials on the ground

The head of state wants to “put more officials on the ground”.

On taxation

  • ISF maintained

The President went on to discuss the focus of his government’s tax policy. He immediately rejected the suppression of the ISF, one of the main claims of yellow vests: “it is a reform to produce, not a gift for the most fortunate. But there will be an assessment in 2020.

  • No tax increase

He promised, however, that there would be no tax hikes, and even “cuts for those working by significantly lowering income taxes”.

He also promised a removal of some tax loopholes for businesses and a number of “useless agencies”. But he recalled “the need to work more”.

“We can leave the free choice” as regards the lengthening of the contribution period.

France works much less than her neighbours.

  • No holiday less

However, there will be no holiday cancellation. “I’m not in favour of it.”

  • Exceptional bonus

The exceptional tax-free premium that was put in place at the beginning of the year will be renewed.

On education

  • Fewer students per class

School is an investment. The president promised to make it “more welcoming”. It proposes a better training of the teachers and the classes of 24 pupils maximum of the large section with the CE1.

  • Towards the removal of the ENA

Emmanuel Macron defends the abolition of the ENA (National School of Administration) and proposes other structures to recruit civil servants.

On pensions

  • Reindex pensions on inflation

As already mentioned, the head of state wants to reindex pensions less than 2000 euros on inflation from 1 January 2020, and all pensions by 2021.

  • 1000 euros minimum

He announced a minimum pension of 1000 euros.

  • Establishment of a point system

The system will also be completely redesigned,  with the establishment of points for all.

The legal age of retirement, set at 62, should not change, he promises. “I got involved. ”

On the ecology

  • An ecological defense council

The President hammered out the importance of the climate that must be at the heart of the national and European project. He said he wanted a carbon tax at the borders and a “more ambitious green finance”. He also wants to “regularly chair an Ecological Defense Council”  with 250 people drawn by lot.

On Europe

On the question of Europe, Emmanuel Macron says he is ready to reform Schengen.

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