Weather in Seine-et-Marne: Up to 30 Degrees this Weekend

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Not a cloud in the sky this weekend in Seine-et-Marne

The heat settles this weekend in Seine-et-Marne, with some lovely warm temperatures

After a Friday during which the weather improves gradually, the return of good summer weather is guaranteed  for this weekend.

This return of good weather is linked to the Azores anticyclone, which is centred in France. 

Saturday, in Seine-et-Marne, there should not be a cloud in the sky and as for the temperatures, it will be up to 28 degrees in the department.

Great weather forecast this Sunday for the Seine-et-Marne
Great weather forecast this Sunday for the Seine-et-Marne (© Meteo France)

Sunday, it will be very hot. The sun and heat will affect the entire Seine-et-Marne. In the morning, the temperatures will rise to quickly reach 30 degrees.

Enjoy it because on Monday, the sky grimaces with the arrival of rain and falling temperatures.

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