Rennes: After a Chase of 200 kilometres, the Criminals Escaped on Foot

Local News
After a car chase of 200 km from Caen to Rennes, they eventually flee on foot

They eventually abandon their vehicle …

They did not hesitate to rush, lights off, sometimes exceeding 200 km/h. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the anti-crime brigade of Calvados chased a car carrying several men suspected of burglaries committed in the area of Caen, reported Ouest-France .

They eventually flee on foot

The chase lasted nearly 200 kilometers and will lead the fugitives to the Rennes area. Pursued by the police, the men abandoned their vehicle at Ossé near Châteaugiron, before continuing their journey on foot. The police eventually lost track of them. The investigation continues to try to trace the fugitives.

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