Paris: The temperature of the pools up one degree from this Friday

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Paris is to increase the temperature of the swimming pools by one degree

The mayor of Paris has decided to raise the water temperature of its swimming pools by one degree …

The good ecological resolutions have not resisted swimmers. The mayor of Paris has decided to raise the water temperature by one degree in its swimming pools. From Friday, the thermometer will now display 27 ° C instead of 26 ° C since this summer in the regular pool, while the Mercury remains between 28 ° and 31 ° C in learning swimming pool sections.

“We took this action to reduce the environmental impact and environmental footprint. This recommendation was shared by all pool operators. But users, whether in clubs or leisure and whatever their age, have expressed uncomfortable conditions.  We heard them, “says Jean-François Martins, assistant for the sport of mayor of Paris.

This measure is justified by environmental objectives, was also supposed to have an impact on the City’s finances. The drop of a degree would mean a reduction of about 10% of energy consumption for heating. Representing a saving of between 200 to 300,000 Euros. A significant amount in times of fiscal crisis.

The loss of savings is not completely forgotten. “Before, the temperature of the Parisian pools frequently exceeded the standard, up to 28 or 29 degrees.  Now, this gauge will be respected and will be the same everywhere, which will still make savings while achieving energy savings, “insists deputy in charge of sports.

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