Thick fog at Rennes Airport has once again disrupted many flights

Rennes Airport: The Fog Still Causes Disruption

Same as yesterday, Tuesday, thick fog patches have disrupted air traffic this morning at the Rennes airport of Saint-Jacques. Flights are delayed. A gradual return to normal is expected in the afternoon. Same scenario as yesterday at the Rennes Airport of Saint-Jacques.  A thick fog has invited early this morning in the sky the Rennes basin, […]

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Fog has distrupted flights at Rennes Airport

Rennes Airport: Traffic Disrupted by Thick Fog

Tuesday morning, the fog caused disruption in traffic from the Rennes airport of Saint-Jacques. Planes were diverted, others have been delayed by several hours … Air traffic has been disrupted this morning at Rennes airport, because of the thick fog. Several flights showed delays at departure and arrival. Some flights diverted Some planes were diverted, […]

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