St-Cyr-en-Pail: Driver of a Scooter Injured in Collision

Local News
The accident took place at the town of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail.

Tuesday, 25th October, at 8.10pm, a scooter and a car collided on the RN12 up to the municipality of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail. The driver of the scooter was seriously injured.

While the car, traveling in the direction Laval and Alencon, tried to pass on the RN 12 up to the municipality of Saint-Cyr-en-Pail, he struck the scooter, which was travelling in the other direction.

The scooter rider, a man aged 27 and living in Pré-en-Pail, was thrown from the scooter. Badly wounded, he was transported by paramedics to the Caen hospital.

Concerning the driver of the car, shocked, he was taken to the hospital at Alençon.

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