Brexit: Berlin wants Clarification at the European Council

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German officials want to hear the position of the United Kingdom on the Brexit.

German officials really want to hear the position of the United Kingdom on Brexit, with the exit from the European Union. Berlin will not negotiate on fundamental freedoms, and therefore the European immigration in Britain if the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, wants to maintain access to the European internal market. It promises more than two years negotiations.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May will clarify how it intends the Brexit at the European Council to be held Thursday and Friday in Brussels, said Wednesday an official from the German government.

The European partners in Britain are agreed that it will not be any negotiations before Theresa May invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon , the starting point of a period of two years for to regulate the conditions of the divorce. The head of government announced that this procedure would be opened before the end of March.

London wants to take control of the control of immigration from other countries of the European Union and thus demonstrate that the message sent by voters in the referendum of 23 June was heard. Meanwhile, the British government hopes to maintain access to the European single market, a request that his interlocutors consider incompatible with a restriction of freedom of movement of persons.

May promises long negotiations

“The government knows that the vote of 23rd June was a vote to ensure that we have control of movement of people arriving in the UK from the EU countries, but we also want our companies have the best access to trade in goods and services with, and within, this European market ” , said the head of government in the British Parliament.

“This is what the government will aim for and the ambition that she has. Parliament will have its say.  The negotiations will be long during those two years and more, ” added Theresa May.

Berlin awaiting clarification

“For us, the four freedoms are inseparable”, Commented that German official referring to the freedom of movement of people, capital, goods and services within the Community. Theresa May must speak on Thursday night before its European partners but for this German official, it is unlikely to bring the desired clarification.

“Personally, I would not be surprised that others have something to say. But this will depend on the kind of talk that it will do “ , said the official. ” We are very interested in how she sees the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom of a British perspective “ , he said.

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