Abduction Alert: Baby Found Safe and Healthy

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The father called police from a pay phone in Échirolles, after the release of the abduction alert

Djenah, the baby of four months, abducted on Tuesday morning at Grenoble by her father, was found in good health. The baby’s father for four months, known for acts of violence, surrendered to authorities.

“The father called the police from a pay phone in Échirolles (in the suburbs of Grenoble).  The baby was recovered by the police at 11.30am, and the child appeared healthy,” said Jean-Yves Coquillat the prosecutor of Grenoble.

The four month old baby was kidnapped on Tuesday in Grenoble by her father, while she was with her mother in a home for battered women in Grenoble. An abduction alert was quickly called and relayed from.


The couple was separated as a result of violence, by the father of the child against the mother, the latter being supported by an organisation for battered women in Grenoble.

The young man, homeless, had entered the home by climbing over the balcony. He had hit his former partner and pushed a social worker before grabbing the baby and fled.

The man had not uttered threats against his daughter but justice had however issued a kidnapping alert in view of the young age of the baby.

Was the warning effective?

If first message aired on Tuesday night on social media and through the media, failed to find the child, calls were numerous. “This Wednesday morning, service, responsible for receiving calls, had received 220 phone calls and 50 messages. 18 were considered exploitable elements, “said Jean-Yves Coquillat reveals.

100% success rate for the removal alert

Adopted in France in February 2006, this device is to start in case of a minor child abduction, massive fifty alert via broadcast channels (radio, TV, websites, station signs and highways,outdoor advertising panels, network SNCF and RATP, 22,000 terminals of the French loto to mobilize the population in the search for the child and her abductor.

Individuals can relay the alert via Facebook and smartphone applications.

This is the 19th time that such an alert is triggered in France. So far, it has proven effective in all cases, allowing each to find abducted children safely.

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