Gabriel and Louise, preferred baby names of French parents in 2016

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The most popular baby names in France are Gabriel and Louise

Leo, the favorite baby name of parents in 2015, was dethroned …

And the most given names by French parents in 2016 … In the girls are, as in 2015, Louise topped the charts. Gabriel, ranked second last year, dethroned Leo (relegated to 4th place) and got the first place, as ranked by  The Official 2017 names (First Editions), unveiled by Le Parisien Wednesday.

First names in “a” out of fashion?

The old names and short favored by parents according to the classification established by Stephanie Rapoport, based on vital records and statistics of the INSEE. In girls, Louise (1), Alice (5th) or Manon (8th) are popular, competing with names that end in “a”, acclaimed for long. Between 2004 and 2014, it is in fact Emma who took top honors, finishing in 3rd place today.

The old names are popular

Explanations Stephanie Rapoport. “Louise confirms the domination of retro fashion, with Alice and Rose, and just compete with full force the terminations has, always popular with eight names present in the top 20.” As for the boys, too, the first names former monopolize the top of the table. Gabriel (with an estimated 6,000 babies baptized and next year) prevails before Julius and Raphael, tied for second place in the charts.

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