The Anti terrorism law will replace the state of emergency

Are We Really Finished with the State of Emergency?

SECURITY: The state of emergency ends Wednesday 1st November. However, it will still be possible to use in the future to this alternative system … President Hollande has declared a state of emergency in the night of November 13, 2015. In force for almost two years, it will end Wednesday. France will have lived under […]

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Emmanuel Macron signs the Anti Terrorism law to replace State of Emergency

Emmanuel Macron Signs the Anti-Terrorism Law that replaces State of Emergency

SECURITY: The president said that the law “will come into force tomorrow.” But it should be implemented when the state of emergency will end on Wednesday at midnight, according to the Elysee … The President signed on Monday, before the cameras in his office at the Elysee Palace, the anti-terrorism law that will replace the state of […]

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New antit terrorism law, but what will replace state of emergency in France

Anti Terrorism Law: What are the Measures that will Replace the State of Emergency?

TERRORISM: The Senate followed the recommendations of its Committee on Legislation, which met last week … The Senate adopted that night. The anti-terrorism bill has been approved by the Upper House, with amendments proposed by the Committee on Laws, replacing on the 1st November, the next state of emergency, already renewed six times since the attacks of November 2015. […]

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A terrorism exercise in the centre of Laval causing traffic difficulties

Laval: Terrorism Attack Exercise, Traffic Difficult in City Centre

TERRORISM: A major exercise simulating a terrorist attack is underway in Cinéville in the city centre of Laval, from 9am. An important feature of the police force is deployed. Traffic is blocked at the Square in Boston. It is an exercise … Since 9am on Tuesday morning, an attack simulation is running to Cinéville in the city […]

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Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started 1

Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started

Since this morning, at 8.30am, the area around the Halls of Gabily and water sports centre are completely sealed off by the police. This is where there is to be held a large anti-terrorist exercise until mid-afternoon. “Only people with a special pass can enter the area,”  warns a municipal police officer, addressing the driver […]

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