Hospitals: Doctors called a “massive” Strike for Monday

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Doctors at Hospitals in France have called for a massive strike action today

Doctors in the Hospitals of France have called in a “massive” strike this Monday by two of their unions to demand a better appreciation of their working careers and enhancing the hospital, facing a shortage of practitioners.

They are invited to stop work all day Monday and every night and every night, Future Hospital and hospital practitioners Confederation (CPH) supporting the movement initially launched by anesthesiologists union SNPHAR-E.

“About 80% of anesthesiologists and between 30 and 40% of other specialty practitioners” will participate in the movement ensures Doppia Max-André, the hospital president.  The “planned operations will be carried forward” but continuity of care is assured, doctors can be assigned as needed.

“Working conditions are worsening”

“At a time when nearly 30% of hospital doctors positions (PH) are vacant, this figure and our working conditions are getting worse every year” , had alarmed his Inter earlier this month.  In case including the working time of hospital doctors deemed not to exceed 48 hours per week, he approaches “instead of the 60 hours,” said Max-André Doppia.

Denouncing the “regulatory uncertainty” supervising physician service obligations, inter-union want a better consideration of the guards and measures enabling practitioners to “control” their working hours.  They also claimed that 20% of working time are reserved for non-posted with the patient activities, such as research.

Revaluation of compensation

Side remuneration, “substantial revaluation of the exclusive public service commitment fee” , or better wages at the beginning and end of career are also part of grievances.  “For more than four years, the government promises alternates, commissions, retreats and reflection “ on the attractiveness of hospital careers, had recently outraged hospital Avenir.

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