Marisol Touraine has announced an increase of 11 percent of new doctors being trained in France

A 11% Increase in the Number of Trained Doctors

A generalized increase in the number of doctors in training was announced by Health Minister Marisol Touraine. In all, 478 places will be available, an increase of 11% in addition to the increase decided a year ago to some areas. The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, announced on Thursday in the National Assembly a generalized increase […]

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Marisol Touraine announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals for psychological treatment, following the attack in Nice.

Nice attack: 24 New Positions in the Alpes-Maritimes Hospitals

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospital for psychological treatment “in the life” of people traumatized by the attack in Nice “To allow the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals provide counseling of traumatized people in the period , I decided to create new positions,” says the minister in […]

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Doctors at Hospitals in France have called for a massive strike action today

Hospitals: Doctors called a “massive” Strike for Monday

Doctors in the Hospitals of France have called in a “massive” strike this Monday by two of their unions to demand a better appreciation of their working careers and enhancing the hospital, facing a shortage of practitioners. They are invited to stop work all day Monday and every night and every night, Future Hospital and […]

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Manuel Valls has confirmed the Christmas Bonus to the lowest income bracket

The Christmas bonus Dec. 16 to more than 2 million homes

Manuel Valls announced Tuesday on Europe 1 the renewal of the Christmas bonus, the amount of which exceeds 320 euros for a couple with two children … It does not increase, but it is still there. The Christmas bonus will be repeated this year and paid as of December 16 households with the lowest incomes, […]

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