Blain: Archers and Jousting at the Chateau of Blain

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Jousting and Archery at the Chateau in Blain on Sunday

The Chateau of Groulaie in Blain, this Sunday hosts archers and jousting from over 50 medieval groups from all over France and Belgium and England.

Notice to fans of medieval times, knights’ tournaments and other reconstructions of this fascinating period. More than 450 “period actors” will set up camp with women and children, in the meadows around the fortress of Blain. “This is the largest rally of the West”, commented Luca Perrotin, President of Château essor Blinois (CEB), the Association organizing the medieval re-enactment event.

Some passionate fans often live with the family, in the medieval way: sleeping under canvas in period, cooking on the wood fire, they do not wash or very little! Installed and camped out at the portée de flèche de laof the tour du Connétable, soldiers, knights and archers will compete in jousting and archery events.

All day, the public can wander among the stalls and stalls of craftsmen, minstrels, blacksmiths … And taste the medieval specialties.

Sunday, September 25,

from 11 am at the Chateau at Blain.

Admission: 4 € Adults, free for children under 16 years.

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