Lorient: Hot weather on Tuesday and Wednesday

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Hot weather on Tuesday and Wednesday in and around Lorient in Brittany

The anticyclone centered in France in the Adriatic will generate a new hot air inlet. We can still enjoy the beach in the Brittany area of Lorient!


Beautiful morning, after the rapid dissipation of the morning mist, with significant increase in temperature. Bright sunshine and summer sensations at midday. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent on Lorient, Groix and the entire coastal border made with discrete cumulus good weather to the north of an axis “Gestel – Hennebont – Landevant.” Wind South dominant, very low in the morning, the afternoon low (force 2 20-25km / h gusts of 30 Groix). Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Low: 13 ° / 14 °; High: 25 ° / 26 °; (12 ° / 13 ° to 26 ° / 27 ° in the campaign). Clear and mild in the evening; 22 ° at 8pm; 19 ° at midnight.


The anticyclone shifts to Central Europe by generating streams from sub-Saharan Africa. Beautiful sunny morning with rapid and sharp increase in mercury. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent shoreline inside the Morbihan is accompanied by a sensation of extreme heat, slightly offset on the beaches and more felt in the north of an axis “Ploemeur – Lorient – Kervignac “. Wind southeast moderate (force 3 20-30km / h gusts of 40 Groix) veering south in the afternoon fading gradually.Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Low: 15 ° / 16 °; High: 30 ° / 31 ° (14 ° / 15 ° to 32 ° / 33 ° in the campaign). Sunny and very warm in the evening; 27 ° to 20 hours; 21 ° at midnight.

From Wednesday to Thursday

Brittany will be submitted to the joint influence of very warm air pushing in by the Central European anticyclone and moisture generated by the low pressure in the Atlantic near.Wednesday, mostly cloudy in the morning then cloudy and overcast and heavy-morning and mid-day with some showers. In the afternoon, the formation of a storm line will generate a very unstable air showers and possible thunderstorms, locally strong by air masses contrasts. Thursday, stormy showers in the morning before an afternoon clouds, generous and Lorient on the coast, and cumulus developed north of an axis “Quéven – Hennebont.” low wind north to northeast with limited breeze effect to the coast. Refreshment in Thursday night via a moderate wind from the northwest (40-50km / h gusts). Mini swing of 17 ° / 18 ° Wednesday 18 ° / 19 ° Thursday. Maxi, ranging from 30 ° / 31 ° Wednesday 24 ° / 25 ° Thursday.

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