Euro 2016: Prison for two British Supporters

Euro 2016
First two sentences following the violence between supporters that took place in Marseille on the sidelines of Euro 2016

Two British fans were sentenced to two and three months in prison following the violent incidents in Marseille.

The first two British fans to appear for their involvement in violent incidents on the margins of England – Russia clashes in Marseille before and after their first Euro 2016 match were sentenced on Monday to two and three months in prison.

A psychiatric nurse, 41, was sentenced the Marseilles Criminal court to three months in prison and two year ban from French territory. The other, an English chef aged 20, was sentenced to two months in prison and a two years ban from French territory.  The nurse admitted throwing a glass bottle beer, Sunday around 1 am in the direction of police in the city of Marseille.  “My job is to help people I did something stupid “ , he apologised at the hearing, ensuring that he never intended to touch the police who were 8 metresaway.  ” I wanted to impress my new french friends “ , he said, in a sky blue shirt, shaved head and round face, who had previously attended the match at the Velodrome alone. 

Ten supporters tried 

The other supporter, dressed in his white t-shirt of the England team, admitted throwing a plastic beer cup and making the finger in the direction of the police, on the Old Port on Saturday night. The prosecutor said his side that according to police the young man had thrown a glass bottle – not a plastic cup. – And deliberately targeted the legs, below the shield of gendarmes.  “The goal is that these incidents do not happen again “ , said the judge.  ” I apologise to the people and the Marseille police. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time “ , said the English chef describing himself as ” worker ”  : ” It is not like me “. The young man had 0.86 mg per litres of exhaled alcohol at the time of arrest and had to spend 4 hours in the drunk tank.

A total of ten supporters involved in the incidents that took place in Marseille faced trial Monday in immediate appearance: six British, three French and an Austrian. However, no Russian hooligan was arrested after the violence, despite their involvement in these brawls that have 35 injuries,  almost all are English.

The man seriously injured on Saturday after being hit on the head was still on Monday in a state “critical” but stable, said the prosecutor Brice Robin Marseilles: “The attackers were not identified “ .

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