Euro 2016: 557 People Arrested Since the Start of the Tournament

Euro 2016
557 people were arrested by the security forces since the beginning of the Euro 2016 Tournament

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has released the information, of violence and arrests since the start of the Euro 2016 football, which he considers “generally positive” …

After ten days of the Euro 2016  football tournament, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, and Sports Minister, Patrick Kanner, released information on Monday, of the violence and arrests during the tournament so far.  Bernard Cazeneuve considers the results as “generally positive” of the security of the Euro 2016 tournament.

In total so far in the competition, 557 people were detained by police, for violence, theft or damage to property.  Of those detained, 334 people were taken into custody.  21 people were sentenced to suspended prison sentences and 6 people have received prison sentences.  Finally, 25 people have been subject to a prefectural order of deportation, said the interior minister.

557 arrests since the start of the euro 2016 football competition

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