Lactalis: Two Hotlines to Answer Questions

General News
Two helpline numbers have been set up over the Lactalis contaminated baby milk

To respond to the many calls, call centres have been opened by Lactalis and the General Directorate for Health (DGS). They are led by health specialists.

Salmonella: how the helpline numbers? To cope with the crisis of Salmonella that affects Lactalis products,  two hotlines have been installed, the Directorate General of Health (0800 636 636) and that of the Lactalis Group (0800 120 120). They are open from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Sunday, including the 25 thDecember. Outside of these hours, they refer to the website of each: and

Who call the hotlines? Pharmacists who want the list updated withdrawn lots and the substitutes. As for the parents, “they just want to know if the baby milk they bought is impacted. For them it is difficult to navigate. While our consultants quickly access information “, answers Magalie Rettien, Director of Operations at Acticall. Then, when parents request a refund of their purchase, they are sent back to the platform of Lactalis. “Just send a mail and we do a bank transfer,” says group communication.

The problem is that Lactalis is very difficult to reach. Their website is often saturated.

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