In the Premier League, Chelsea was beaten by Manchester City

Premier League: Beaten by Manchester City, Chelsea Continues to Sink into Crisis

FOOTBALL: The Blues lost for the 5th time in eight games and are now 10th in the championship, a long way from European places Nothing is going well at Chelsea . Decimated by injuries – Kanté, Mount, Fofana, Mendy, Chilwell at kick-off, Sterling and Pusilic during the match – the Blues recorded their fifth defeat in the last eight […]

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British health authorities have decided to lower the alert level for the Covid-19 pandemic one step further, the risk of hospital flooding having "receded" in the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus: United Kingdom Lowers Alert Level, Less Pressure on Hospitals

EPIDEMIC: “The threat of flooding the national health service or other health services within 21 days has receded,” said the health authorities of the United Kingdom British health authorities decided on Thursday to lower the alert level relating to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the risk of submersion of hospitals having “receded” in the United Kingdom, subjected to severe […]

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Flu cases in England have fallen by 95 percent, the lowst in 130 years

Flu Cases in England Have Fallen by More than 95% to Levels Not Seen in 130 Years

Flu cases in England have fallen by more than 95% to levels not seen in 130 years. Data experts from the Royal College of General Practices (RCGP) said that during the third week of January – usually a peak period for influenza – the number of influenza-like illnesses reported to doctors was 0.9 per 100,000 […]

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Confinement across England against Coronavirus until March

Coronavirus: The New Confinement in England in Place until March

EPIDEMIC: By mid-February, authorities in England hope to have vaccinated everyone over 70 The new confinement put in place in England in the face of the surge in contamination due to the new variant of the coronavirus will not begin to be lifted until March, a British government minister warned on Tuesday. “As we enter (the month of) March, we […]

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Boris Johnson is expected to make announcements on Monday evening

Coronavirus: Return to Total Confinement in England and Scotland

EPIDEMIC: The UK is under enormous pressure on its resuscitation services, forcing England and Scotland to return to total confinement British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday evening on television a total reconfinement of England in the face of the surge in cases of coronavirus , in particular the new variant. This new confinement, as strict as the one put in […]

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Sweets, so popular with children, frequently contain many food additives - dyes and preservatives - that can promote hyperactivity in younger children. - A.BARON / SIPASweets, so popular with children, frequently contain many food additives - dyes and preservatives - that can promote hyperactivity in younger children.

England: Fatty and Sugary Foods Soon to be Removed from Supermarkets Checkouts?

HEALTH: The project, subject to a consultation process before possible application in 2022, also targets gondola heads and entrances to supermarkets over 185 m² The British government is considering banning the sale of unhealthy food at the checkout of supermarkets larger than 185 m² in England. Sweets, confectionery, crisps and sugary drinks are particularly targeted by this measure to fight obesity. It […]

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Covid-19 has mutated in the United Kingdom, across London and the South-East

United Kingdom: Covid-19 Has Mutated in London and South East England

EPIDEMIC: A new variant of coronavirus has been identified in the UK, Matt Hancock has confirmed, warning that it could be more contagious than other strains of Covid-19. The Health Secretary stressed that it was highly likely to be beaten by a vaccine and unlikely to be any more deadly than other variants of the […]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces new lockdown during a virtual press conference at 10 Downing Street on Saturday 31st October

Confinement: England Also Gets Started From Thursday, Schools will Remain Open

CORONAVIRUS: The United Kingdom exceeded the million cases of coronavirus Covid-19 this Saturday, forcing it back into confinement The British government has decided to confine England for a month, abandoning a local approach in the face of the virulence of the second wave of the new coronavirus which threatened to prove to be twice as deadly as the first. The country […]

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Liverpool fans celebrate the title of champion on June 25, 2020 near Anfield Stadium in Liverpool.

Thirty Years Later, Liverpool is Again, Champion of England

Liverpool took advantage of the defeat of Manchester City at Chelsea to officially celebrate their Premier League title and champion of England, 30 years after their last coronation. The wait was long, thirty years including three months to wonder if the coronavirus was not going to spoil everything. But the Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp reigns again on English football, after […]

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In England, all shops are due to reopen

Coronavirus: All Shops Reopen this Monday in England

DECONFINEMENT: A new stage of deconfinement crucial for the British economy Relief insight. All businesses are authorized to reopen in England on Monday in a new phase of deconfinement in the United Kingdom, crucial for the economy of the country hard hit by the pandemic of new coronavirus. Only stores deemed “essential” such as food stores and pharmacies remained open during confinement, decreed […]

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