Riots after Nahel's death: 719 people arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday

Riots after Nahel’s Death: 719 People Arrested Overnight from Saturday to Sunday

URBAN VIOLENCE: Marseille and the whole of the Lyon area are the two cities most affected by the riots from the death of Nahel Another troubled night. In France, 719 people were arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday during the fifth evening of violence after the death of a teenager, killed Tuesday by a police officer, said the Ministry […]

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Due to the violence after Nahel's death, the Minister of the Interior ordered the interruption of buses and trams from 9 p.m.

Riots in France: Buses and Trams Stopped in the Evening in Several Cities

END OF SERVICE: Due to the violence after Nahel’s death, the Minister of the Interior ordered the interruption of buses and trams from 9 p.m. Users of public transport, you will have to make your arrangements to return home tonight. The French Ministry of the Interior ordered this Friday the prefects to interrupt buses and trams throughout the territory from 9 p.m., […]

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Death of Nahel: Third night of urban violence in France, more than 400 arrests

Death of Nahel: Third Night of Urban Violence in France, more than 400 Arrests

ANGER: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, but also Strasbourg, Tours or Poitiers… Many cities have been affected by damage and sporadic clashes between the police and young people Despite the mobilisation of 40,000 police and gendarmes, many neighbourhoods experienced sporadic violence throughout France overnight from Thursday to Friday. In total, more than 400 people, mainly minors, were […]

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Fumes from the fires in Canada are reaching Marseille

Fires in Canada: The Fumes Arrive in Marseille, What will Happen

The fires in Canada have resulted in the movement of a cloud of smoke towards Europe. What will happen in Marseille? The fumes caused by the huge fires in Canada will affect Europe this Monday 26 th June 2023. Marseille and the Bouches-du-Rhône are concerned. Here is what will happen. The South will be affected A cloud pushed by a westerly […]

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The Marseille university has been the victim of a cyberattack

Marseille: The University is a Victim of a Cyberattack

PIRACY:The University of Aix-Marseille, one of the most important in France, was the victim this Wednesday of a computer hack from abroad Aix- Marseille University, one of the largest in France, was the victim of a cyberattack on Wednesday morning. However, it would not have done much damage, a priori, thanks to a very rapid intervention, we learned from the […]

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Lighting of the Olympic flame during a ceremony in Athens on October 19, 2021

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: The Olympic Flame will Begin its Journey in France in Marseille on 8th May 2024

SYMBOL: After a crossing of about ten days from Greece, the Olympic flame will disembark from Belem, one of the oldest three masters in Europe to still sail Marseille city will have to wait another year before being the first French city to see the Olympic flame for the Paris 2024 Games. It will indeed land […]

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"We are going towards the liquidation of San Marina"

“We Are Going Towards the Liquidation of San Marina” … The Shoe Brand has Hope in the Socks

SHOES: The Commercial Court of Marseille will rule on February 20 on the future of the shoe brand. The Commercial Court of Marseilles has deliberated on Monday, February 20, its decision concerning the future of San Marina. Employees of the shoe brand are preparing for the inevitable, and particularly regret “a lack of risk in the […]

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Marseille: The Pope visiting Marseille? He Plans to Visit in 2023? 1

Marseille: The Pope visiting Marseille? He Plans to Visit in 2023?

RELIGION: Pope Francis said on Sunday that he was thinking of coming to Marseille to meet the bishops during the Mediterranean forum scheduled for 2023 Pope Francis said on Sunday he planned to visit Marseille in 2023 for a meeting of bishops on the Mediterranean. “Next year I may go to Marseilles for the Meeting of the Mediterranean,” he confided in an interview […]

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Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian striker Neymar reacts after missing an opportunity against Rennes, during their L1 match on May 9, 2021 at Roazhon Park.

Ligue 1: PSG Sees the Title Fly Away, OM Disappointing, Monaco Again in the Race

In the top quartet of the championship, Paris Saint-Germain – PSG is the only one to have made a false note this weekend, against Rennes. Lille is still three points ahead. With two days to go, Paris Saint-Germain compromised on Sunday 9th May 2021 its title chances in Rennes (1-1), Monaco got back on the podium and Marseille weakened its fifth place in Europe, in […]

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The weather in Marseille should improve during the day

Weather in Marseille: A Slow Improvement Throughout The Day

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Marseille will slowly improve during the day and give way to clearings. Temperatures will be 10 ° C in the morning and 13 ° C in the afternoon … In Marseille, the weather this Tuesday 16th March, should improve during the day. A northwesterly wind will blow at 52 km/h. The north-westerly wind will […]

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