Quimper: With Blockages, Fuel Stocks Down

Local News
Fuel shortages are being reported across Quimper

The refinery blockages directly impact the Quimper petrol stations. The situation is still tenable, but deliveries are rare.

Demonstrations against the Labour Law are increasing in France. Some refineries are blocked, as in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) and Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).  The consequences of these protests are felt in Quimper. Tuesday at 7pm, it was impossible to find unleaded 98 at the Total station on the Route de Brest. Same with the one at Kerustum, although the Total station from the station does not yet seem affected.

Few deliveries

With few deliveries, the situation is unchanged on Wednesday morning. Still no delivery and, despite the questions of customers, difficult to know when the next one will arrive.  If the pumps at Leclerc Gourvily or Géant Casino Ergué-Armel everything seems to go, it’s a little different at Carrefour.  It still has fuel, but the question is for how long ?  “Because of the blockages on Tuesday, it was delivered at 6pm instead of 3pm and in lesser amounts than usual.  For now, it will … We’ll see tonight,”  comments the hostess resuming their work.


it is the same story at the petrol pumps, where queues have been formed for most of the day.  There are people continuously filling up. People watch the news and rushed to refuel.  Moreover, those who are not aware and take only a few euros, I advise them to put in a little more “, says another attendant.  At this station, deliveries are disrupted. ” For now, the stocks hold “ smiles Claude, before refocusing on the line of cars ahead.

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