Fuel shortages at 160 petrol stations

Nearly 160 Petrol Stations Out of Fuel

Between cars that consume in plugs and refinery blockages, some stations are running out of fuel. Seven refineries out of eight are blocked on Tuesday 10th December, announces the CGT Chimie, to protest the pension reform . At the same time, the French, victims of the transport strike, took the roads of assaults and the cars circulate […]

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Fuel shortages are being reported across Quimper

Quimper: With Blockages, Fuel Stocks Down

The refinery blockages directly impact the Quimper petrol stations. The situation is still tenable, but deliveries are rare. Demonstrations against the Labour Law are increasing in France. Some refineries are blocked, as in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) and Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).  The consequences of these protests are felt in Quimper. Tuesday at 7pm, it was impossible to find […]

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