Labour law: Substantial disturbances on the A1

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Labour Law protests on the A1 motorway, with snail operations and road blockages

Against the Draft Labour Law, snail operations and traffic dams are in place this Tuesday, May 17 in the Hauts-de-France …

This is not a complete blockage, but it looks like it is with severe disturbances to traffic.  As expected, in the North, the day of action against the El Khomri  Labour Law started well before 8 am on the A1 motorway.

Hauliers sharply slowing traffic between Lille and Arras, leading a snail operation towards Paris.


At the call including CGT and FO unions, industry employees intend to denounce the reduction of overtime (from 25% to 10% of pay) made possible by the Labour Law.

Lockups and filter dams

According to a correspondent of RMC, a filtering dam has also been set up on the A26 at Setques, west of Arras, coming from Calais. The same device is reported in both directions by Sanef, the company managing the motorway at the toll Bethune.

According to the Voix du Nord , the prefectural authorities asked the protesters to leave a free flow path to avoid a total congestion.

Around 8:30 am, slowdowns were observed particularly on the A1, the A25 south of Lille, the A23 and the A26. Moreover, according to the Voix du Nord , unions have also decided to block all day, access to regional transportation center (CRT) Lesquin, along the A23.

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