Labour Law: Activists of the CGT Wall up the Offices of a Member to Toulouse

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The office of the socialist MP Christophe Borgel walled by militants of the CGT in Toulouse

Before the event scheduled for Tuesday against the Labour Law, activists of the CGT sealed the offices of the socialist MP Christophe Borgel …

They did not give up against the Labour Act . They even decided to make use of the morning by walling the permanence of the socialist MP Christophe Borgel on Tuesday, on  l’avenue de l’URSS.

The activists of the CGT Haute-Garonne, still mobilized against the reform of the labour code have targeted politicians of the ruling party.

After that of Christophe Borgel, they went and pasted posters on the permanence of the MP Catherine Lemorton. Last week, opponents of the Labour Act had made the blockade that of Martine Martinel.

Several unions are calling for a new demonstration on Tuesday at 11.30am from Joan of Arc on the slogan “The labour law, 49.3 or not is still No!”.  A movement also extended Thursday from Compans Caffarelli.

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