Charente-Maritime: New Earthquake Tuesday Morning

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An earthquake shook the west of France in the Charente-Maritime and particularly the Saintes area

EARTHQUAKE: The earth shook again Tuesday morning, near Saintes. A smaller shock than the April 28th …

A brief but impressive jolt. The earth shook again Tuesday morning, in Charente-Maritime. The quake was felt around 6.50am near Saintes, and its effects were extended until Charente, says Sud Ouest.


According to the National Earthquake Monitoring Network (ReNaSS) the earthquake was 3.9 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was north of Saintes, and it would have been felt as far Niort. “The shaking lasted only four seconds, but we immediately thought of an earthquake, as the former was present in our memory,” said Sylvie, in Saint-Georges-des-Coteaux in South West.


The first quake on April 28th

On the 28th April, the earth had trembled in the sector. That day, at 8.45am, tremors had been felt between La Rochelle and Rochefort, and even to Vendée, around Nantes and Angers, and slightly to Bordeaux. The quake was of magnitude 5.2 and its epicenter was located between La Rochelle and Rochefort.

“This is a region known for seismic”, explained at the time Samuel Auclair, engineering seismology at the office of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM) .“Nothing precludes that another earthquake intervene, he added, but it will be independent of it and so rather by chance. However, there is the phenomenon of replicas. Before the current fault can not find a certain balance, there may be replicas. ”


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