Lady Gaga's two dogs kidnapped, the dog-sitter shot in "stable" condition

Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Kidnapped, the Dog-Sitter Shot in “Stable” Condition

HOLLYWOOD: Los Angeles Police called for witnesses to locate the two suspects as the singer offered $ 500,000 to have her animals returned to her At this point, the LAPD does not know if the suspects knew who owned the two French bulldogs they kidnapped. Two dogs belonging to Lady Gaga were stolen on Wednesday evening in […]

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Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man kills two of his dogs fighting on his balcony

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man Kills Two of his Dogs Fighting on his Balcony

CONTAINMENT: A man is in police custody in Toulouse after opening fire on his dogs who were fighting on his balcony whilst under coronavirus confinement In the unusual silence of confinement, gunshots rang out this Sunday morning in the Guihemery district  of  Toulouse. Alerted by the neighbourhood, the police went to an apartment on avenue Jean-Rieux where they arrested a […]

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In spring, it is possible to walk with his dog in the forest but it must be held on a leash. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Are you Going for a Walk in the Forest? Above all, Do Not Let Go of Your Dog!

The National Forestry Office reminds that it is mandatory to keep dogs on leash until early summer, if you are walking in a forest, otherwise endangering the local fauna. Explanations. Walk his dog in the forest : yes it is possible but under certain conditions . And even more in the spring, from April 15 to June 30 of each […]

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Man died after being attacked in Pyrenees-Orientales

Pyrénées-Orientales: He Died After Being Attacked by Two Dogs

Attacked by his animals, the owner of two dogs died before firefighters arrived. Providing assistance to the victim, one of them was bitten … A man of 66 years died at his home in Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans, near Ceret, in the Pyrenees Orientales, to the Spanish border. Violently bitten several times by his two dogs, he could not be resuscitated by firefighters. Un homme […]

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A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog.

Essonne: Her Dog Barks, She Gives him Seven Knife Wounds

A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog. Alcoholic, she was annoyed by the barking of her pet named Hazel. The dachshund, aged two, survived its injuries. She could not stand the barking of her dog. A woman aged […]

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The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends 1

The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends

They tell them about the rain and the weather, their life projects … 51% of the French prefer to spend time with their dog or cat rather than with their friends, according to a poll published on Friday. “It’s a huge comfort and they find life sad without their dog or cat”, according to the survey […]

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The amount of abandoned animals has doubled in Strasbourg in July

Strasbourg: Abandoned Pets have Doubled in July

ANIMALS:  The amount of animals in July in Strasbourg have increased significantly, cats and dogs await a master at the SPA … As every summer, unfortunately, the pet abandonment multiply. This summer is no exception to the rule, even worse in Strasbourg, where the number of animals collected “doubled,” says the website Tchapp Catherine Bronner, co-chair […]

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Two Dogs were amongst the medals given out in Orne, on May 8th

Orne: Candy and Diego Gendarmes Dogs Decorated

The two German shepherds, 8 years working for Police Dog Gendarmerie brigades of the Orne. This 8th May, they received the bronze medal of national defense. A May 8th ceremony, which was a bit special this morning in Alençon.  After the speeches and wreaths laying seven medals were presented by Colonel Christophe Urien, patron of […]

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A start up in the Tarn has invented a way of keeping track of your dog or cats weight and fitness

Tarn: Startup invents Collar Allowing you to track your Cat

Canhegat, a start-up of the Tarn, invented a pendant connected to pets. It helps to nourish and help to find them in case of disappearance … To calculate performance, today many riders, runners or people interested in fitness are equipped with a connected strap that allows them to know the number of kilometres travelled, their average […]

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