From April 16, 2020, it will be allowed, with the certificate of derogatory displacement, to go to the SPA to adopt an animal

Coronavirus: More Flexible Confinement to Adopt Animals

The government relaxes the rules of confinement to adopt an animal. From April 16th, 2020, it will be possible to go to the refuge with the displacement certificate. In this period of confinement, animal abandonment multiplies and adoptions decrease. And with them, the threat of multiplication of euthanasia because the refuges are saturated. In this sense, […]

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The Frenchman Anhoine Hubert died after a violent accident in Belgium

French Formula 2 Driver Antoine Hubert Dies at Spa after a Violent Accident

MOTORSPORT:  The French driver, Antoine Hubert died after a high-speed pileup French driver Antoine Hubert, 22, was killed Saturday in Spa (Belgium) in an accident during a Formula 2 race held on the sidelines of the F1 Grand Prix, according to the organizers of the event. race. Involved at the beginning of the second round of the race in […]

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The SPA of Saint-Malo has recovered a goat, which she proposes for adoption.

SPA Saint-Malo: Who Wants to Adopt a Goat?

The spa of Saint-Malo has recovered a few days ago a goat, which she proposes for adoption. We usually see adoption ads for dogs or cats at the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals). But it is a goat that the shelter of Saint-Malo has collected for a few days and has proposed adoption since June 16, 2018. The animal was first […]

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At the Saint-Brieuc SPA, Naya is a female Dalmatian cross born in May 2017,

Brittany: Saint-Brieuc SPA Offers Naya for Adoption

This week, Naya, crossed Dalmatian, is to give to the SPA of Saint-Brieuc. This week, Naya , crossed Dalmatian, is to give to the SPA of Saint-Brieuc . Naya is a female Dalmatian cross born in May 2017, it is sociable and will be placed in house with fenced and with people having time to educate. SPA The Briochine, […]

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Lost cat from Muret in the Haute-Garonne was found 900 km away

Haute-Garonne: Found 900 km from Home, Cat Comes Home by Carpooling

Disappeared for a year and a half in Muret, south of Toulouse, Loupic the cat reappeared last December in Arras … Loupic is a survivor, a real one. A stray for two years, it is recovered through the streets of Muret by the School of the free chat Mirail campus . The association heal it, vaccinate it […]

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The amount of abandoned animals has doubled in Strasbourg in July

Strasbourg: Abandoned Pets have Doubled in July

ANIMALS:  The amount of animals in July in Strasbourg have increased significantly, cats and dogs await a master at the SPA … As every summer, unfortunately, the pet abandonment multiply. This summer is no exception to the rule, even worse in Strasbourg, where the number of animals collected “doubled,” says the website Tchapp Catherine Bronner, co-chair […]

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A girl saves four kittens from the dustbin in Finistere

Finistere: She Saves Kittens Thrown into a Dustbin

In Saint-Yvi inFinistère, a girl alerted by meowing, discovered in a dustbin four kittens alive … In a black plastic bag. On Friday late afternoon, the girl watching TV in her apartment, located behind the town hall of Saint-Yvi, Finistere. Suddenly, her attention is distracted by meowing repeatedly. She rushes to the window. She sees a man get […]

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Esteban Ocan will be the Youngest French Driver in Formula 1

Sport: A Norman of 19 years made his First Steps in Formula 1

This Sunday, Esteban Ocon, the 19 year old French man from Normandy will drive in his first career Grand Prix in Belgium, becoming the youngest French driver to drive a Formula 1.  His meteoric rise that has amazed everyone. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. In this Thursday, traditionally reserved for press relations, Esteban Ocon is the […]

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