Alençon: Snail Operation and Sitting in the Mairie against the Labour Law

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A snail operation and a sit in at the Mairie in Alencon against the labour Law

Around 11am, Thursday, about fifty cars of the unions opposed to the Labour Law have started a snail operation in the streets of Alençon and on the dual carriageway.

About 200 protesters opposed to Labour Law took place in about fifty cars, around 11 am, in the parking Space Pyramid in Alençon. Flags of the unions (CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires) flapping in the wind, as they started a snail operation. The procession is along the route to Sees.  It was then to head back on the dual carraigeway into town on the route to Paris, Avenue Quakenbrück and the rue de Bretagne. The convoy was expected to reach the Place Foch in the end. Meanwhile, 40 students followed by dozens of protesters stormed the town hall.

Sit in at the Mairie in Alencon

At 11.15am, they camped in the lobby and want to meet the mayor, Joaquim Pueyo but are blocked by municipal police officers.

Students blocked from seeing the mayor at Alencon

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