Alençon service stations out of fuel soon

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petrol stations around Alençon are running short of fuel

On Thursday, dozens of motorists continue to replenish diesel. The Total Access service station, in Sees draws on its reserves since Monday.

“If it continues to run like this, there will be no fuel and we will close on that day,” says the manager of the station Total Access, Valerie Jousselin. Since blockages of refineries and fuel depots on Tuesday May 17, some stations draw on their last reserves. “There is a climate of psychosis sets in, as if we were at war,” says the manager of the service station. This morning the queues were not stop. Albert came to refuel before the weekend. “My car is almost dry, I will refuel as a precaution. “

Fuel stations around Alencon are running short on fuel

For now, the city of Carrefour service station, Denis-Papin Street near the station of Alençon has already closed. The same also applies for that of the petrol station of Leclerc at the centre commercial d’Arçonnay.

Some petrol stations in Alençon have already closed

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