Labour Law: Student Injured in Rennes Could Lose his Eye

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A Student injured in the Labour Law protests in Rennes could lose his eye

The young man was hit by a shot of flash-ball …

Beginning peacefully, the demonstration against the labour law degenerated on several occasions in Rennes on Thursday.  In clashes in the Place de la Republique, a 20 year old student was seriously injured in the eye. The young man was bleeding profusely and was initially treated on the scene by medical staff who then took him to the University Hospital at Pontchaillou.

According to the protesters, he was hit by a shot of Flash-Ball at a charge of law enforcement. “This is a kid of 20 years and perhaps will end his life blind. It does not stop bleeding. He may be losing his eye, “says Hugo Poidevin, a member of the medical team of the protesters and organizers of the student movement. “We have identified 38 serious injured,” says the young man.


For their part, the police have also suffered violent charges by some demonstrators. Several bombs were notably balanced before the assault rue Jean-Jaurès, as evidenced by the videos captured by users. The prefect reported 20 arrests and two wounded, ensuring that an investigation will be opened on the eye injury.

In response, the police charged the procession to disperse people taking off the cobblestones of the Jean-Jaurès. This was shortly after the young man was injured.A small fire was also reported. A smoke swung by a protester got stuck on the front of a shop. Firefighters were able to intervene.

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