Disneyland: An Employee Dies in the Haunted House

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An employee has died in Disneyland paris whilst doing some maintenance work

A maintenance worker died, possibly electrocuted …

A tragic incident took place on Saturday morning at Disneyland Paris located Serry-Coupvray (Seine-et-Marne).  A maintenance worker died, possibly a victim of electrocution when working on a fixture in the attraction “The Haunted House” according to the first reports of the investigation reported by  Le Parisien.  Firefighters intervened around 9:30 says France Bleu , but the worker was pronounced dead at 10:00.

Although the park is normally opened, the attraction “The Haunted House” remained closed throughout the day.

Management has addressed all “his thoughts to close” this father of 45, “very appreciated by his colleagues” who worked at Disneyland since 2002 according to Le Parisien .

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