Labour law: Around 300 Protesters in Ancenis

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About 300 protesters were out in Ancenis, against the proposed Labour Law

Four weeks after the first big event, opponents of the proposed El Khomri Labour Law Act continue to mobilize in Ancenis.

After mobilization rarely seen on the streets of the city, the challenge of the gathering planned for Thursday morning April 28th was whether the call for opponents of the Labour law would be answered.  With about 300 people in the procession, the event recorded a rather sensitive attendance drop compared to that recorded in the 1 st  April (about 700 people).  This is particularly the case among high school students who were more than forty that morning (against 200 last time).  

The next event will be launched by the inter union (CGT-FO) for the traditional gathering of the 1st May to serve as a new test against the degree of opposition to the project. 


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