Toulouse: Many Lycees Blocked by Students Opposed to the Labour Act

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Students protest against the proposed new Labour Act

The blocks were installed at the entrance to some lycees in Toulouse before the event against the draft Labour Act …

Thursday morning, several schools Toulouse are blocked by students. Whether the Arena at Berthelot or Saint-Sernin, blocks were set up as part of the mobilization against the El Khomri Act, which is to change the working practices in France.


In some facilities, no student could get underway. A Berthelot , according to students, only 10% of the workforce within the institution.

They have organised a larger demonstration at 1pm at Place Jeanne-d’Arc and are calling for everyone to show up alongside the students. The procession must go through Matabiau before returning to the Capitol Square.

The Young reject the proposed new Labour Law, by the Minister Myriam El Khomri and do not want just a few changes to the proposed law, but request the complete withdrawal of the draft reform of the Labour Code proposed by the government.


On the 9th March, the youth was already present alongside employees during the event which was attended among 10,000 people according to police and 20,000 according to the organizers. They decided to mobilize every Thursday, as employees they are again expected in the street on 31st March.

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