It is forbidden to use restaurant tickets on Sundays

It is Forbidden to use Restaurant Tickets on Sunday: An Employee Caught

At the end of February, the labour inspectorate pinpointed an employee who had used his restaurant vouchers illegally. Reminder of the law. You may not know it, but you do not have the right to use your restaurant vouchers on Sundays and public holidays . Why ? Because these means of payment allow employees to eat during their meal break […]

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New antit terrorism law, but what will replace state of emergency in France

Anti Terrorism Law: What are the Measures that will Replace the State of Emergency?

TERRORISM: The Senate followed the recommendations of its Committee on Legislation, which met last week … The Senate adopted that night. The anti-terrorism bill has been approved by the Upper House, with amendments proposed by the Committee on Laws, replacing on the 1st November, the next state of emergency, already renewed six times since the attacks of November 2015. […]

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Students protest against the proposed new Labour Act

Toulouse: Many Lycees Blocked by Students Opposed to the Labour Act

The blocks were installed at the entrance to some lycees in Toulouse before the event against the draft Labour Act … Thursday morning, several schools Toulouse are blocked by students. Whether the Arena at Berthelot or Saint-Sernin, blocks were set up as part of the mobilization against the El Khomri Act, which is to change the working practices […]

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