Wearing a mask, physical distance, teleworking… The lightened business protocol for deconfinement

Deconfinement: Wearing a Mask, Physical Distance, Teleworking… The Lightened Business Protocol

WORKING LIFE: Government urges not to “relax vigilance in the face of a lingering coronavirus epidemic risk” A little more convenience in the office. The government has lightened this Wednesday the deconfinement protocol in companies. This protocol takes into account a “significant improvement” in the health situation, but the Ministry of Labor invites in a press release not to “relax vigilance in […]

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What will happen after deconfinement inn France after May 11th

Deconfinement. Health, Work, School, Travel, Social Life: All Government Announcements

How to manage deconfinement after May 11th and the country’s restart? Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the government’s measures to the National Assembly on Tuesday. Details. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented this Tuesday 28th April 2020 the broad outlines of the deconfinement plan of France. These post-May 11 measures are aimed at continuing to limit the slowly receding coronavirus epidemic, while 23,293 deaths have been recorded according […]

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The EU Court has ruled that a business may prohibit the wearing of religious symbols

Islamic veil: A Business may Prohibit the Wearing of Religious Symbols, says EU Court

EUROPEAN UNION: The issue of headscarves remains complex in the EU … The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Tuesday. A business may prohibit in its rules the visible religious symbols, political and philosophical to maintain its neutrality, under certain conditions, says the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in a decision rendered. […]

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Students protest against the proposed new Labour Act

Toulouse: Many Lycees Blocked by Students Opposed to the Labour Act

The blocks were installed at the entrance to some lycees in Toulouse before the event against the draft Labour Act … Thursday morning, several schools Toulouse are blocked by students. Whether the Arena at Berthelot or Saint-Sernin, blocks were set up as part of the mobilization against the El Khomri Act, which is to change the working practices […]

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Louis Gallois, opposes the creation of Mini Jobs in France

Louis Gallois is opposed to the arrival of “mini-jobs” in France

Louis Gallois, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PSA Peugeot-Citroën, … Louis Gallois, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PSA Peugeot-Citroën, said yesterday, Saturday that he was not favourable to the importation into France of “mini-jobs”, these low-paying jobs to direct the unemployed to return in the world of work. “There is a dignity in […]

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