Lanester-Hennebont: RN165 limited to 70 km/h without work, why?

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3 km in the direction Quimper Vannes, between Lanester and Hennebont, the speed limit is 70 km/ h on the RN165

The Road Directorate redid the road surface in October. The work seems complete. Yet the lines are yellow and the speed limit is 70 km/h …

“Why the N165 between Lanester and Hennebont, about 3 km, is limited to 70 km/h? The yellow lines indicate the work but there is more long. “

Nathalie summarizes issues that arise many motorists for several months. Work has taken place, while the October night. The direction of the West routes renovated the carriageway between junctions Lann Sévelin (Lanester) and Touldouar (Hennebont), in the direction Quimper-Nantes.

A coated problem

Work is finished in five months and the speed limit did not return to 90 km/h. Why ? That’s the question we posed at the West Road Directorate of communication service. “Officers scraped the road to replace the several coated layers that had built up over the years.  New layers of coating was then applied to rebuild the road surface.  They did not finish due to climatic constraints and organization.  There is still one final course to be applied,  explains the Directorate. Until then, the adhesion characteristics are not optimal to allow vehicles to travel at 90 km/ h safely.

Back to 90 km/h in June

It is expected for a return to normal traffic conditions (90 km/h), shortly, but not until early June. The last night of work will take place in late May, with closing of the N165. In early June, will be the turn of the other direction of traffic with night work during a month, and a reduced speed to 70 km/h .

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