Toulouse: Dozens of Tractors Paralyze the Commercial Area of ​​Roques

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Farmers block the commercial area of Roques in Toulouse

As expected the farmers block access to the commercial area of Roques, south of Toulouse …

A promise is due. Angry farmers have implemented their threats and block since Wednesday the commercial area of Roques-sur-Garonne, south of Toulouse. “A cigarette = 35 cents; a liter of milk = 28 cents: what’s wrong,” reads a banner brandished by the demonstrators.


Burned tires, manure spills and a snail operation on the A64 motorway, access to the Leclerc shopping centre or Ikea becomes a challenge.   According to the prefecture of the Haute-Garonne , 70 tractors were there mid-morning. But between 150 and 200 farmers are expected through this blockage expected to last all day and “prevent customers from accessing the hypermarket.”

Reinforcements converged also to the blockade in late morning since Capens Auterive, Villefranche-de-Lauragais or Muret.


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