Traffic disruption this morning north of Laval by Milk Producers

Milk Crisis. Traffic Stopped in Both Directions, North of Laval

Following the Protest of milk producers, who are currently camped on the roundabout opposite the Lactalis factory, traffic is stopped in both directions, between the interchange and the Ampere Niafles roundabout (opposite Decathlon). Following the social movement of milk producers, who  camped currently on the roundabout opposite the Lactalis factory, traffic is stopped in both directions […]

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Farmers block the distribution centre of Sca Ouest near Nantes

Nantes: Farmers Blocking Sca Ouest

Farmers who have spent the night blocking Sca Ouest, Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc, are received by management. Thirty farmers who have spent the night in front of Sca Ouest of Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc.  They were there since yesterday afternoon blocking the distribution centre.  Sca Ouest supplies the Leclerc supermarket. Why the protest at Sca Ouest ? The reason that the farmers […]

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Marine Le Pen at the Agricultural fair, lending support to French farmers

Marine Le Pen wants to “skin” the European Commissioner for Agriculture

On a visit Tuesday to the Agricultural Fair, Marine Le Pen has asked the government to engage in “violent showdown with Brussels.” President of the National Front called the “skin” of Phil Hogan , European Commissioner for Agriculture, on arrival at the Agricultural Show in Paris.   Pour sauver la peau des éleveurs, il faut […]

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Farmers block three retail distribution centres in the Landes department

Landes: Farmers Block Access to Three Retail Logistic Centres

More than a hundred young farmers organized the blockade of three logistics platforms of Leclerc, Intermarche and Carrefour on Monday, while national negotiations on the price of the products are being … On Monday, the union Young Farmers (JA) continues to mobilize, while national negotiations with retailers on the product prices are ongoing. “We decided […]

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The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture dismantled by protesters

Agricultural Fair: The stand of the Ministry Dismantled by Protesters

The CRS intervened to control the protesters …. The atmosphere is very tense on Saturday morning at the Agricultural Fair. While the head of state, Francois Hollande was booed and insulted when he arrived , clashes broke out soon after as was witnessed by a journalist from France 2.   Heurts entre policiers et agriculteurs sur […]

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Farmers in Nort-sur-Erdre invaded supermarkets to place stickers on milk and meat products

Nort-sur-Erdre: Farmers in Action in Supermarkets

Thursday, farmers, led by farmers’ union FNSEA, have placed “stickers” on dairy and meat products in two stores, to denounce them “too cheap.” Thirty farmers visited Thursday morning, the two supermarkets in the town of Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique). Mickaël Trichet, general secretary of the FNSEA 44 (National Federation of Farmers ‘Unions), explained that it was an […]

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Farmers call for "fair prices for milk and meat and not a reduction in charges as proposed by Manuel Valls"

Vallet: The Farmers Lifted the Blockade of Kuehne-Nagel

The farmers who blocked since Sunday evening, the distribution platform Kuehne-Nagel, left the scene … “The fight continues in the Vendee. ” Philip Gregory, president of the National Movement of breeders of our regions, causing the blockage (MNER), announced last night whilst leaving the scene of the blockage.  In the late afternoon of Tuesday, the farmers […]

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Farmers block the commercial area of Roques in Toulouse

Toulouse: Dozens of Tractors Paralyze the Commercial Area of ​​Roques

As expected the farmers block access to the commercial area of Roques, south of Toulouse … A promise is due. Angry farmers have implemented their threats and block since Wednesday the commercial area of Roques-sur-Garonne, south of Toulouse. “A cigarette = 35 cents; a liter of milk = 28 cents: what’s wrong,” reads a banner […]

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Agricultural Crisis: Farmers Block Vannes 1

Agricultural Crisis: Farmers Block Vannes

The protesters demanded “a remunerative price” for their products and “fair distribution of margins” … Several farmers have set up checkpoints around the city of Vannes at 6 am this Monday morning to the call of the FDSEA of Morbihan.  The protesters are demanding “a remunerative price” for their products and “fair distribution of margins”. […]

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