“Dogs allowed, Bankers prohibited”: A Restaurateur Avenges a Denial of Credit

Alexandre Callet decided to ban access to its restaurant to the bankers after refusal of a loan

Bankers can not enter the restaurant unless they pay “an entry fee of 70,000 euros” …

The formulation is steep but the intent is clear: the owner of a gourmet restaurant in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine) decided to ban the entry of its establishment to the bankers. So he set before the door of Richelieu’s Stables a sign: “Dogs allowed, Bankers prohibited (except right of entry of 70,000 euros).”

“Bankers are not doing their job”

Alexandre Callet is exasperated by the refusal of a loan of 70,000 euros he had sought to launch a second restaurant, “In 2015, we achieved our best year, not only in terms of profitability but also the level of sales business, ” he told Le Figaro.  Despite the inclusion of its first restaurant in the Michelin guide and a solid financial record, the loan application is denied. “It should have been a formality, since my credit is fully repaid and the restaurant generates a great margin,” he says.

The restaurant owner consulted several banks but received only one response … a negative and unmotivated refusal. “Restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, we are all in the same situation: whenever we want to start a business, we have to get on all fours. Today, bankers are not doing their job.”  So Alexander decided to no longer allow bankers and to denounce, with his provocative placard “permanent sabotage of the French economic fabric.”

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